Fabrication & Welding

Our fabrication department offers a wide scope of works and can fabricate with both light and heavy duty steel materials.

We offer welding processes such as mig/mma and tig welding to high standards and can work with many different types of material.

welding services avaiable in fraserburgh

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A key part of our end-to-end service provision, our design capabilities ensure you get the product you need for your purposes. We engage with you to understand your objectives and priorities, then work with you as we design a fit-for-purpose solution you can rely on.



We combine our precision machining services with our other specialist engineering operations to create a complete fabrication offering. We apply quality technical resources, proven machining skills and many years of experience to ensure you get the end product you need.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our investment in precision laser cutting technology gives us a competitive edge – and delivers business gains for our customers. Our advanced system cuts everything from stainless and mild steel to aluminium – and does so with much greater accuracy and speed compared to conventional practices.